CONTACT: Anja Struchholz
(Manager Customer Services)
Tel.: 0049 2385 92200-141


Quality is defined! We will meet your demands and this does not   contradict excellent flexibility and security of supply.

The sensitivity of every single one of the 700 Beck coworkers, who are always keen on satisfying the expectations according to the standards of quality and the process reliability requirements, is the basis for a successful and long-term partnership with our customers.

At our locations we are able to carry out almost every demanded material test with state of the art evaluation facilities ourselves.

We can complete the following destructive testing processes at our own laboratories:

  • notched bar impact testings at room and low temperature
  • all tensile testings
  • hot tensile testings
  • test force and widening tests
  • hardness testings
  • surface decarburization testings

For the following non destructive examinations qualified coworkers are available:

  • comprehensive sorting
  • ultrasonic testing
  • magnetic particle testing
  • dye penetrant testing

Of course there is always the possibility to leave the necessary tests to the quality control company of your choice, like e.g. TÜV, LRS, GL, DNV, Rina, BV or even to your own inspectors.

We own all demanded licenses and certificates for the fabrication of special fasteners at the highest quality level. Here you can take a look at an abstract of our licenses: