CONTACT: Anja Struchholz
(Manager Customer Services)
Tel.: 0049 2385 92200-141


The BC Germany has together with the Beck Industries a world-wide singular position, regarding both the production possibilities and the available capacities. We carry out all the necessary processes for the production of special bolts in our own production plants. Thus we can react fast and flexibly to your requirements.

A permanently high starting material availability is the basis not only for the security of your supply but also for our ability to react and deliver!

At our own risk we hold more than 5,000 tons of material of most diverse qualities and 1,500 tons of finished products for immediate distribution as a constant supply for your order in our storages.

With regard to the great spectrum of our services we  provide solutions for almost any requirement. Detailed information about available qualities of materials, our production facilities, possible surface coatings as well as accessible standard parts, are available for you to download.

1. production facilities
2. material qualities
3. surface coating
4. accessible standard parts